Dear September… welcome back.

Oh joy! September you’re finally here. Welcome back.

This month is going to be fantastic and unlike any other this year. There are so many fun things to do on this month’s agenda. We also have a lot of new beginnings this month and that’s exciting! Mike is starting law school this week and despite my cavalier “been there, done that” attitude, I’m actually really psyched for both him and I. This has been a dream of his and I am so pleased that it has come true. I know what it’s like to support someone through law school and I know exactly what it’s like to be in law school without any support. This time ’round I feel a little like I get access to all of the fun stuff – hearing about the cases, and learning the rules – without the feeling of being stifled and trapped…and in an institutional bootcamp.

This month also kicks off a new desire to have more “me” time. Since my return from New York in 2006 my “me” time has been relatively non-existent on a day-to-day basis. Don’t get me wrong. I love everybody. And I love to be connected to everybody and everything. I just need a little time occasionally without email, skype, telephone, cell phone, family, in-laws, the CNN tickertape, and so on. Since Friday night, I have started taking 30 minutes in the late evening to stretch out and do a little yoga. Just me and my warrior pose. This little bit of yoga is also going to go a long way to helping me meet my new bedtime – 11pm.

I’m cooking up a fantastic little art project to begin this month and evolve over the next…12. It’s really starting to take flight in my imagination. Now all I need are some supplies and someone to get me started. And I know just the person… She is pretty-freakin’-great, bubbles with energy, has an incandescent smile AND she gave me one of my best birthday memories ever when she invited me over to her home so that we could paint together. She is…my dearest friend Jennifer. I can’t wait to get started! This project will call on the creativity and fearlessness of many people I know. For now, you will know it as Project Heart2Heart. More details coming soon.

September in Toronto is amazing. Other than the fact that it is fall and oh-so-beautiful, there are all sorts of festivals going on. Next weekend is the 24th annual Vegetarian Food Fair down at the Harbourfront. Sept 5 also kicks off the Toronto International Film Festival. I have a list of about 8 films I want to see. Since I have a business to run, I might not be able to see that many but I will try. The last weekend of the film festival, Mike and I are registered for a Vegetarian 101 cooking class at The Calphalon Culinary Centre. Of course, this is all part of my evil plan to convert him. 🙂 That same weekend, my lovely friend Donna who I met at the Shambhala Institute program in May has invited Mike and I over for dinner. I volunteered us to bring dessert – so we will be baking a vegan apple pie for the occasion. He doesn’t know this yet but I’m sure he’ll be on board. (Won’t you darling?)

So that’s basically just the first two weeks. Then we have Andy – Mike’s older brother – and Stephanie’s wedding. And the last week of September will be spent in Winnipeg with some souvenir photos of a prairie autumn.

Dear September… welcome back.


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