CNE and me

Yesterday’s recap: The last two days have been a bit of a blur. A few more things have been knocked off my long to-do list. I decided that I’d had enough with laundry and work. Some days are perfect for playing hookey. My partner in crime also decided to take the day off and we both escaped to Exhibition Place for the Ex!

It was a perfectly blue sunny sky.

Mike My accomplice tried to win me a stuffed toy but we figured it wasn’t worth the $50 it would cost.

We went to the Arts & Crafts building and the Food building where I had a vegetable roti. Yum! The waste management at the CNE is totally noteworthy. Naturally, there were garbage and recycling bins. The Food Building also had compost bins. Nice! My interest in garbage extends beyond what is in the bin to what is on the bin. Check out Centennial College’s new recruitment ad.

After our Ex adventure, we walked home along the waterfront.

Because we had hookey-guilt or possibly are just gluttons for punishment, we capped off our day with a 5-hour painting and clean-up session at the Geoffrey house.

Back to today: Today requires more of the same as last night. We have paint touch-ups, appliances to move into the kitchen, floors to vacuum, plastic to remove and with all that, tomorrow will be the big kitchen and bathroom reveal.


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