Kick-butt monday

Yep it’s kick-butt monday (and I’m running a bit behind). Today has got to be a super productive day. There are lots of little annoying things to get done…like unloading and loading the dishwasher, finishing the laundry, cleaning the bathroom (ewww), washing the floors, purging rotting food from the fridge (double ewww!) and dusting. I have resumes to edit for Options, website content to draft for the Partnership, research to organize for my MES, and an old table to sand down and stain for the new house.

I have a couple of errands to run.

Yesterday’s recap: I got a bit of work done but no actual renovations. The kitchen needs a second coat of paint and the bathroom didn’t get touched. Instead, I sat around and did some research. I also picked up a bucket of cleaning supplies so that the Pearson house can get a top to bottom cleaning. I ended the day curling up on the couch and watching Titanic with Mike.

Back to today: I have been informed that the kitchen countertop is still not ready. It was supposed to be installed on Friday. This is not happiness. But it does mean that the contractor will be working on the bathroom today and since we cannot move in until we have the toilet installed, this is definitely progress.

I will be heading over at some point today to do whatever work I can fit in. We’ll see. I was going to brew some green tea but I think I’m going to need something stronger – a cherry bomb coffee. 🙂


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