Weekend update

Rainbow friday: Friday was rainy and sunny off and on. Mostly rainy. A rainy friday is good for two things – surfing news and stuff to buy online and getting organized for kick-butt monday. It is the best I could do since my social thursday included two big glasses of red wine and really tuckered me out.

VEGAN. After 16 years as a vegetarian, 11 of which as a vegan, I have earned the right to desire earthenware that identifies its edible contents as vegan. Since etsy is my new best friend, I knew someone would come through for me. VeganDish has just the thing for my ever-lovin’ veggie heart.

GOODY GOODY. Speaking of vegan, I crossed paths today with a soon-to-be animated sitcom called The Goode Family. Developed by the creators of King of the Hill, this show makes fun of people like me: whole-foods-shopping-hemp-wearing-eco-conscious-vegetarian-tree-huggers. Check out the vodpod widget on the side bar for a sneak peek.

YEAR OF THE MINIMALIST. I totally dig the minimalist vibe. Mike believes less is more and I have definitely caught the bug. 2009 will be the year of the minimalist and now I have the perfect calendar. Each month is a postcard which can be sent when the month is over. So clever! Get it while it lasts at SureAsBlue.

MARCH OF THE (KNIGHTED) PENGUIN. This story was a nice respite from the op-eds (although this one by Rick Salutin is good) on the world’s dictators and violent conflicts. This penguin definitely gave me happy feet.

Yesterday’s recap: Yesterday was a crazy day. We were at Home Depot by 9am to buy more supplies for the renovations. I feel like I live at Home Depot these days. Then we went to Rona and then some tile place that worked on European time. It appeared that the staff at this tile place had taken a siesta between the time the order was placed and the tile was loaded into the truck.

By noon it was time to get down to business – cleaning out the trash, dust, and scraps littered all over what-will-be our living and dining room. We wanted to get things in better condition so that we could do final touch-ups and paint the kitchen and bathroom. We worked from noon til 9pm and got a whole lot accomplished. The onlly thing left is the bathroom – because the walls need to be sanded down before painted.

Today. Mike and I were up early watching the Olympic divers at the Water Cube. Although she didn’t win a medal, we were super proud of Canadian diver Blythe Hartley who pulled out all the stops.

Big congrats to the Canadian men’s 8 rowing team (gold medal winners!), Canadian women’s lightweight sculls (bronze medal winners) and Canadian men’s lightweight 4 (bronze medal winners). Rowers rock!

This afternoon I will be back at the new house for more painting and cleaning up. I had a Cherry Bomb coffee this morning and I’m ready to go!


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