Social butterfly

Earlier: So far so good. Enjoyed a fine morning walk – which is now a regular part of my routine (trying to get out and walk at least 5km every day). By 9am Roncesvalles was a blur. What did I see? Cyclists, baby strollers, window shoppers, an older gentleman sitting at a cafe poring over his crossword puzzle (I love crossword puzzles!), a beautiful husky (mix) basking in the sun, and a monarch butterfly crossing at Roncesvalles and Garden.

Today I get to be a social butterfly. I’m meeting up with my friend George for coffee at Starbucks. George kind of lives at Starbucks – which is great for Starbucks, let me tell you. Anyway, we’re going to catch up and swap stories about our time in southeast Asia. Tonight, Mike and I are going over to my good old friend Emma’s home for a good old-fashioned BBQ. Emma and I go way back to my ENSU (Environmental Students’ Union) days when she and I shared the position of co-president. She is now in her final stretch of environmental law at UVic and I’m…well you know what I’m doing.

I received some fun mail again today – my “K is for Kristle” necklace pictured above. Loving it! Happy Thursday!


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