Easy going mornings

Lately, I have been incredibly spoiled with love and I thought I should share some of it. So this is me sending a little love out to you.

Yesterday’s recap: I got some serious work accomplished and got back into the email loop (which I had kind of been dreading). I also got a little trigger-happy with the drill at the new house. I installed a couple of curtain rods, a shelf, and my uber-cool memo board. See?

Here’s a sneak-peek at our nearly completed kitchen.

Still to come: appliances, countertops and painted walls. Oh we’re so close!

Back to today: I had a peaceful and fulfilling morning. Woke up at around 6:30am, cuddled with my guy, listened to today’s ‘soundtrack of my life’ on my iPod and totally soaked up the serenity of it all. Out of my morning daze, I became acutely aware that I am, in fact, living my life. The very desire to “live my life” is why I moved to Toronto. In Winnipeg, I was living only half a life – wonderfully fulfilled with work but… without the one I love. Oh sure I got to cycle through the south of France with him and enjoy two-week visits every month and a half. Always very exciting and jam-packed. But it’s the mundane, day-to-day stuff that I haven’t been able to experience until now. I’m not on vacation. I’m not a house guest. It’s now my life.

Case in point – this morning Mike and I mozied on down to Sunrise Grill for a leisurely breakfast. My little mouth was all smiles as we strolled down to Timothy’s for a cup of java before Mike headed off to work. How wonderful to be able to have easy going mornings and yummy breakfasts like this one. A lovely start to a fine day.

I decided to work the rest of the day out of the Geoffrey house. But not without a quick stop at Dressers (a local shop) and one of the fresh markets on Roncesvalles that sells veggies, fruits and flowers. I picked up a colourful bunch of flowers to fill a couple of vases at the new house.

Tomorrow the bathroom gets tiled and we are a day closer to completion. Awesome!


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