I’m not weird, I’m gifted

I have been out of commission for a week now and am just getting back into the swing of things. Since not a whole heck of a lot happened this past week, I’ll start with Friday.

Weekend recap: There is nothing like a leisurely weekend to cure jet lag and a cold. By Friday, I was starting to feel a bit more like myself and wouldn’t you know it the universe confirmed it for me.

I was on my way back from the Geoffrey house and opted to detour through Sorauren. It just so happened that as I was enjoying the sunny day a bumper sticker caught my eye on the passenger side of a canary yellow jeep – it said, “I’m not weird, I’m gifted”. Hmmmm. How true.

My Friday got progressively better when Mike and I met up for “date night”. We went to The Revue  to catch Sex and the City. I had already seen it but it was worth it to see it with him. We tried to drop in at Fat Cat Wine Bar on the way home but they were closing. At 11pm! On a Friday night! What city am I in? Well who needs a wine bar when you have your own wine at home. The rest of the night was pretty low key which was perfect because we got to sleep in on Saturday morning – until 10am. Hallelujah! My weekend constituted Saturday brunch at Easy, Sunday coffee from Tinto, lots of alone time, watching episodes of Dirt on youtube and naps. So good.

An update on the house: The house is coming along. We have a near complete kitchen and a hooked up bathtub in the bathroom. Also, yesterday offered a great find – an old round pedestal table that with a bit of TLC will become our dining room table. I will have some photos to share on our progress.


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