Badaling baby

Earlier: Good morning Beijing! It was a restless night but there is no room for crankiness. Today we set out to see one of the great wonders of the world and incidentally, check off a big item on my Life List – to see the Great Wall of China. It is over 6000km in length and was built over 20 dynasties. We have arranged a private tour to take us to Simitai – one of the less seen sections of the Great Wall. Badaling and Mutianyu are the two other sections that tourists travel to. Badaling is the closest to Beijing and perhaps the most commercialized and touristy. Not really our cup of tea but it’s fun to say. A big breakfast is in order and the off we go!

So back to now: A great GREAT day! (I wonder how many times I can use that word in this post.) We’re back from our amazing adventure to the Great Wall. We didn’t go to Simitai because we learned it was not only a three-hour drive each way but also quite steep and better for backpacker types. Since we weren’t really dressed for it, we decided Mutianyu was the better option. It was still a good hour and a half to get there but once we did, we took the chair lift up to the top and started out.

It is a climb! Make no mistake. Some parts are also quite steep which really tested my courage. Confession. I’m afraid of heights – although I pretend not to be. Even still, WOW! The vistas from the Wall itself were amazing. It was like someone had pulled out this palette of cool hues in blues and greys and painted the sky. Breathtaking!

Tomorrow is our last full day in China before heading home so that will mean a lot of travelling on foot. I’m off for a foot massage and then sleep.


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