A new approach to trip planning

A surprisingly low key day considering we’re leaving on a 20 hour plane ride tomorrow for 10 days in Shanghai and Beijing. In fact my whole attitude toward this trip has been unbelievably laissez faire. Totally unlike me.

Earlier: I had to race over to the Geoffrey house this morning to wait for the Bell Express Vu installation guy (who never showed by the way). While I waited, I decided to break in my new desk and actually do some work in a real office. It was very productive and kind of fun. Then I popped into The Queen of Tarts to grab delectables for Judy’s parents (see above). These are Brown Sugar Pecan Shortbread and Ginger Chews. Next to The Mercantile for maple butter because I suspected a “maple” item would at least be identifiably Canadian. That and a framed Doris Cyrette art card will round out this little “welcome to the family” package. A fantastic artist from Fort William First Nation in Thunder Bay but now based in Winnipeg, her artwork evokes a sense of family and community. Brilliant.

So back to now: Last year I spent hours upon hours planning our trip in Europe – London, Paris, Avignon, Barcelona, Madrid, Algeciras, Gibraltar, Lisbon, Caiscais… Four countries plus a colony in 3 weeks and toss in a self-guided cycling trip on top of that. Every hotel was booked well in advance. Even my wardrobe to some extent was selected long before the packing period. Not this time. We’re only getting our Chinese currency today – at the main branch because I never ordered any in advance. We may or may not have a hotel booked in Beijing. I am not totally sure what I will be wearing to this wedding on the 26th but I’m guessing by default it will be something I already own. Oh and we don’t yet have a guidebook for China. Hmmm. This is definitely new for me.


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