Eiffel for you

Today in a nutshell. Busy day. Feet hurt. Morning at Home Depot. Afternoon at Ikea. Heavy lifting. Pizza now.

Yesterday’s recap: Friday was a great day! My boxes arrived – 395 lbs of pure goodness. It was a little much schlepping them up two flights of stairs but well worth it to have my stuff safely in their new home. After that sweaty workout there was only enough time to shower and streetcar out to Toronto Western. I got to meet a lovely resident with a fantastic name – Emanuelle. Feminine. Elegant. French.  I love the name but Mike won’t have it. After stepping outside I realized that I couldn’t escape the sticky humidity that is typical of Toronto summers so I just gave in. I opted to walk the 5km home instead of bothering with TTC. It turned out to be a much better idea than I had thought because I got to pop into Urban Barn and pick up a little French memento. Mike has a mini-eiffel tower that he bought from a random guy selling them across from the Arc de Triomphe. So now we have a pair. His might be authentic but mine holds a tealight.

By time time I got back to my neighbourhood I felt like I needed another shower but then what was the point! So back to the Geoffrey apartment to paint….radiators and trim. Dinner at Freshwood Grill and then a jaunt out to Landsdowne & Bloor to check out a sketchy furniture store. We were plenty tired by 10pm but I stayed up to watch The Holiday.

So back to today: We picked out tile and more tile and a bathtub and debated the bathroom vanity… It was a fairly productive morning at Home Depot. But the really fun excursion was out to Ikea. We spent a lot of time there on what turned out to be a very rainy Saturday. We came back with at least 10 times our weight in furniture and a number of hours lined up to assemble it. The office is nearly complete and I’m psyched about my new desk and chair.

Now it is time to relax and have some food. Mmmmm pizza.





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